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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TTC 1 Year Anniversary

Oh, BTW, this month is our 1 year anniversary TTC. We had the "talk" last November, and for some reason I knew we needed to get down to business right away, so we skipped the "let's just throw out the BCP and see what happens" phase and went straight to the POAS phase. I guess I knew it wouldn't be easy for us.

Also, DH turns 50 this month. Not a big deal, really, as it seems that he's not the problem. But it makes me wonder, sometimes, if I'm not pushing too hard for something that's supposed to take some time for us. The fact is neither one of us are that young. I'm 34. With my old eggs and his old sperm, maybe it just takes a little longer for 2 good ones to meet up. And maybe that's what the chemical pregnancy was all about - my body doing the right thing and rejecting an embryo that didn't pass muster. And, anyway, I know that 1 year isn't really that long... and I'm trying to keep that in mind more often.

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