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Sunday, November 1, 2009

BW and US Tomorrow. IUI #2

So tomorrow is cycle day 4 and I'll go back to the RE. AF started Friday afternoon and I think technically I should have gone in Saturday morning, but it was not a convenient day for me to go, so I called in and asked the receptionist if I could wait until Monday, based on when AF started. She said she thought I could, but that she would have Dr. RE#1 (there are 2 REs at the place I go, Dr. RE#1 is "my" RE, Dr. RE#2 is not, but I end up talking to him just as often) call me to let me know for sure. I then carried on with my day. At about noon I figured that, well, if I haven't heard back by now I probably wouldn't be getting a call back, and indeed, I never did get a call back. Ugh. In a previous post I know I mentioned that it takes about 8 hours for them to call with the beta results, and the last time I went in, to discuss "where to go from here," and I told Dr. RE#2 that AF hadn't shown up yet, he said that I should get another beta "just to make sure," so my blood was drawn, my hopes were slightly lifted, and then... nothing. No phone call with the results. Ever. Of course, I knew it was negative and so I never bothered calling them, but still.

Now, I know that not calling me back did not affect how my cycle turned out in the least, so whatever, but what does concern me is when, last cycle, they screwed up my follicle size. On CD9 (a Wednesday) I had a 14mm and a 16mm, one on either ovary. The NP was nice enough to share this with me unasked. I met with Dr. RE#2 and he told me to come back Friday. Friday, CD 11, I came back, asked the NP the size of the follicle on one of my ovaries, which she said was 18 (did not ask about the other one). Then, in my meeting with Dr. RE#1, as he was looking at his computer screen, he said to come back Monday, because the follicles weren't ready yet, they were at 14 and 16. I told him that couldn't be right, because the NP told me I had at least one that was 18. He then looked at the US printout he had, saw that it was different and commented that his computer must not have updated, and said that they were actually 18 and 21. Now, I'm no RE, but 18 and 21 sound about ready to pop, and when I talked to Dr. RE#2, he had sounded like I would for sure be ready to go by Friday, but now Dr. RE#1 was saying that he would call me when he got the results of the BW to tell me when to trigger. Well, this all seemed rather random to me, and when he called me later to tell me to trigger Sunday night (CD 13) for IUI Tuesday morning (CD 15), I immediately thought that sounded like it would be too late (based on my completely internet-educated and non-professional opinion). So, even though he hadn't told me to use OPKs, I started testing the next morning (Saturday), and got a positive Saturday night. I texted him (he's told me this is the best way to contact him off-hours - is that kind of weird?), and he texted me back that I should trigger Sunday morning ("for a boost"), and come in Monday for the IUI. In my experience in my un-medicated charted cycles, I ovulate within 24 hours of a positive OPK, so I was of course worried that Monday was still going to be too late. DH and I BDed Sunday morning, just to be safe (of course, as you know, we still ended up with a BFN). Anyway, the kicker here is that when I had the final meeting with Dr. RE#2 (the one where he told me to get another beta "just to make sure"), as he was reviewing my last cycle I mentioned that we had had a timing issue and that I had a positive OPK before the trigger, and he said something like "well, your follicles on Friday were only 14 and 16, so it wouldn't have made sense to do the trigger any earlier." I explained to him that those numbers were wrong and that the computer hadn't updated and he totally brushed me off like I had no idea what I was talking about!

So... the moral to my long story is this: you must be your own advocate. In IF treatment or any other medical treatment. From now on I will ask the NP every time to tell me exactly how many and how big each of the follicles are so that I know for sure that the REs are making decisions based on the correct information.

Ok. On the IUI #2.

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