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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

7dpo, Officially Getting My Hopes Up

Sometimes I think that maybe it would be best for me to not continue temping through the 2ww. I had a temperature dip today. Not below my cover line, but significant. Implantation dip?

But I'm trying to stay focused on the long term. I got my meds today for next month's injectable cycle. Almost paid over $800 for them because the pharm.acy told me that I'd reached my "maximum benefit" of $3000. Say what? How could that happen? Well, I called my insurance and was told that it was because of a $2900 prescription in August. The one for the injectables that I never filled because my portion would be $1600 and, well, that's a lot of money for someone who has just started going to the RE. I mean, can we do some lower tier stuff first? Anyway, I had to get that pharm.acy to reverse the claim so that my new pharm.acy could resubmit and then, voila, it was all covered - I just had to pay my co-pays. Phew!

So, I'm on track for an injectable cycle, and I'm focusing on the long term, and I will keep temping this month, because then there's the other part of me that's afraid that my temperature will stay down, and what does that mean? Nothing good, I'm sure.

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  1. hi :) i saw that you're following my blog! i hope your upcoming injectable cycle is the one that brings your baby blessing :) i'm not sure how much you've read of my story, but we're on our second injectable cycle but our first iui. i'm 11dpiui today, praying for a baby next august!!