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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Vacation Story: Part 1

Hubs and I both wanted to get away for a few days, but the truth is we are just not vacationers. I don't mind moving, strangely enough (Pack up all our stuff in a U-Haul and relocate to the other side of the country? I'm in!), but vacationing, mmmm, not so much (Ugh, I have to pack a suitcase? But I have so much work I need to do! And who's going to take care of the dog? Do we have to go?). But, I guess we wanted to try it out. We see other people vacationing and raving about it, so why not us?

I didn't really want a sit-on-your-ass vacation though, so when I saw a blurb on the ol' internetz that had a picture of a couple on mountain bikes in the desert I was like "oooooohhhh... maybe a vacation could be good after all..." It was a resort in Arizona. They said they had miles of bike trails. I put in some random dates in May to get a quote. For a 9 day stay it quoted $890, which was just under $100 a night. Not bad, I thought.

Meanwhile, the hubs was looking at Key West, another idea we were mulling over. He had found a hotel right off the beach that was $115 a night. There was a bar right on the beach. There were pictures of people drinking Pina Coladas in beach chairs. Oh, my. Key West is a tiny little place and we wouldn't have to rent a car. Bonus! But I then saw that the place in Arizona would pick us up at the airport, so no rental car there either! Another bonus!

This was shaping up as quite the competition. Pina Coladas or mountain biking?

Key West had snorkeling.

Arizona had a complimentary spa (what?!).

Key West had kayaking.

Arizona had all meals included. Gourmet meals. Ummm... you're kidding, right?

For $100 a night all meals were included? Did I happen to enter in dates during the off-est of their off season? Was that a sale price? Arizona was starting to sound like a *really good deal*.

Hubs decided to put in some real dates (there was no way we would be able to go away for 9 whole days). So he put in a more realistic time frame: 5 nights. Their quoted price came back at... $890. Again.

And then I realized what was going on.

Arizona was $890 A NIGHT.

Anyway, we went to Key West.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quick Update

Since I last posted:
  • I turned 35 (ugh.)
  • Hubby and I took an amazing vacation (more on that later...)
  • We've been seen at 2 different IVF clinics (one more to go next week)
  • I remembered that I have ambitions other than having children (phew!)
  • We got another BFN (natural cycle)
Overall I'm feeling positive. I'm trying to stay patient and hopeful. I am trying to continue cultivating all my interests and activities, and to be happy with all the wonderful opportunities that life presents, even to the childless.

Oh, and a big thank you to everyone for all of your supportive comments - they warmed and continue to warm my heart!