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Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello World!

I'm pretty sure that I'm obligated to start this post by saying what a terrible blogger I am. I'm the worst. Sorry.

I gave birth to a healthy beautiful 9lb. 4oz. baby boy on October 14th. I am beyond happy. And I still can't quite believe it really happened, that I really became a mother. Every day I ask myself whether it's all a dream.

I didn't blog while I was pregnant because I knew that so many of my followers were still waiting for their BFPs. I couldn't figure out how to blog in a way that felt sensitive to them. I remember so well how it feels to read pregnancy posts when you're feeling like your time will never come. I am so overjoyed that in the last year so many of you finally got knocked up: Rebecca at Trying Not to Scream, S at Misconceptions About Conception, Misfit at Misfit Mrs., Jill at Infertility Unexplained, Jay at Stuck in a Baby Drought, Hillary at Making Me Mom, Crossing My Fingers at Crossing My Fingers But Not My Legs, Gurlee at Infertility Musings, Chon at My Path to Insanity and Beyond, and Francie at Yet Another Infertility Blog. I am beyond saddened to know that many of you are still waiting: CGD at Adventures in Infertility-Land, Kim at The A.R.T. of Babymaking, Raising Cain at Raising Cain (Someday), and Brave IVF Girl at Braving IVF. (If I've forgotten anyone, loyal followers, I'm sorry!)

I haven't blogged since giving birth, because, well, taking care of a baby is TIME CONSUMING! And, I don't have a (working) computer at home. So my only time to blog is while at work, and I've been bringing the baby with me, which means that I'm not getting much work done these days (not complaining, LOVING IT!).

I'm hoping to start blogging regularly again soon, but we shall see. Love to all of you!!