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Monday, November 9, 2009

CD 11, Staying Hopeful, Not Getting Hopes Up

3 cycles ago I missed my ovulation. Granted, my cycle was only 17 days long, so little did I know when I started OPKs at day 12 that I only had 5 days left in the cycle (I was not temping that cycle, either). I blame the shortness on coming off of clomid, but the lesson I've learned is test early, test often. And temp every day. It's just that after testing for 12 months and temping (most months) for the last 10, it gets a bit tiresome, doesn't it? Anyway, I started testing on day 10 this cycle, and I'm temping daily, so I won't miss it this time!

I remember when we first started trying I stopped buying the big boxes of tampons and pantyliners, the ones that would last me through several AFs, because, well, I wouldn't need them, right? Ha! I'm back to buying in bulk now. And it's better that way anyway. I put the word "hopeful" in the title of my blog because I'm trying to stay that way, but remaining hopeful and getting one's hopes up are two different things. Staying hopeful is staying positive, not letting IF get you down (too much), and remembering all the good things in life. Getting one's hopes up is betting on one cycle instead of on the long term outcome; it's thinking that TTC is the most important thing instead of one of many important things.

So, I'm trying to stay hopeful.

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