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Friday, July 23, 2010

My IVF Anthem

Since my issue with this company is ongoing, it seems that being put on hold and listening to the song "Eat For Two," with its "baby blankets" and its "baby shoes" and its "baby slippers, baby spoons" and "walls of baby blue," is now just a part of my everyday life.

But after listening to it today, for the... um... 5th time in 4 days, it seems that I am now, officially, immune to the song "Eat For Two."

Go ahead, make me listen to it again, it's okay. It's kind of catchy.

In fact, perhaps I'll make it my IVF anthem. I'll sing it loud, and I'll sing it proud. Just because I don't already have my "two," doesn't mean that I'm not already living for my "two." I quit coffee cold turkey (ow! my brain!), I quit drinking cold turkey (ow! my... okay, not as hard as the coffee, but still), I take my pre-natal, my folic acid, my extra B-6 and B12 every day, I am trying to do low impact exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, I am trying to de-stress and am thinking about trying some deep breathing and relaxation techniques (anyone have experience with Circle + Bloom?).

So, yes, I eat for two, walk for two, and breathe for two, now.

In your face, Natalie.


  1. That's the spirit! (((Still sucks though...)))

  2. Just catching up here!! And hah, I love it...sing it lound, and sing it proud. I was totally laughing as I read that. But yah, when it came to IVF that's when I reallly buckled down on the living for two idea. No more occasional coffees, and lots of healthy eating...just trying to do whatever I could to get body ready for a baby! Have you thought about doing accupuncture at all??

  3. I enjoy reading your post! My age and my husband's age are very similiar to you. I cried so hard when our 4th IUI did not work...I could not believe I would need to move onto IVF. In June, it was our first attempt. It was a complete failure. We did not have any eggs at retrevial. We are moving on but I am alright with it. I would like to KNOW too. I think once you start the IVF process, life moves on.. Good LUCK

  4. Good for you!!! That's the attitude. Lemons? Lemonade. (Though, I think it would still drive me out of my mind to have to listen to that song).

    Funny you should mention Circle + Bloom. I just bought it but have only listened to the intro. There's a recording for each day of your cycle with relaxation techniques and guided imagery. They have one program for natural cycles, one for IUI/IVF. I've heard good things about it but am reserving judgment until I actually try a few days (and I should say here that I'm such a cynic that I did a healthy amount of eye rolling while ordering it).