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Friday, July 2, 2010

Hello (Again) World!

It looks like I took June off from blogging. Hmm. Not sure how that happened. And I'm not sure if this is going to be an "I'm back" post or just a quick update before I disappear again. So, we'll see.

I am currently in my last cycle before embarking on IVF. As soon as I get my period I'll go in for day 3 bloodwork, then start Lupron at the end of that cycle, then get my period again and start stims.

This month is our fourth month of "trying naturally" since we failed our last IUI. Am I crazy to still be hopeful that "natural" could actually work for us?

Last month I miscalculated when my period was due and thought I was late. But I knew there was a possibility that I'd miscalculated so for 2 days I didn't look at my chart because I wanted to live in that other world, just for a little while. And it was a wonderful wonderful world. It's like lollipops and unicorns over there, ladies. Then, those 2 days went by, and I thought maybe it was safe to check my chart, that maybe I really wasn't going to have to leave that wonderful world. And when I checked my chart I saw that my period was due the next day. Well, it was nice while it lasted.

Oh, and I came back positive for the MTHFR mutation. Dr.'s email said "your blood clotting workup was essentially negative except for one very minor thing called an MTHFR mutation. This is very very common and is associated with a very low clotting risk...i merely recommend for this that you take additional folic acid daily." He makes it sound so... benign. Is it? Dr.'s email went on to say: "You had one of the a type mutation and one of the c type mutations = double heterozygote." He says I should take "minimally 2mg total" of folic acid daily. If anyone has any experience with this and what it really means to me please let me know.

Finally, our one year anniversary is coming up next week. Married life is awesome. We were together 7 years before we got married. They were often tumultuous years, too, which is maybe why we waited so long. But this past year, besides the IF crap, has been blissful. Just blissful. Wish we'd tied the knot earlier.


  1. Congrats on your one year anniversary!

    I don't know much about the MTHFR mutation, but I know my friend Kelly at suntomorrowihope.blogspot.com has one copy of it so you might want to check out her blog if you don't already.

    Here's to hoping for a miracle before you move on to IVF! Good luck!

  2. hi, FYI on the MTHFR mutation thing
    I and 2 of my children have a single copy of both A1268C and C677T mutated. In my experience and research a single mutation of these genes would show up as symptoms of ADD, Anxiety, Depression things like that.
    This web site as some informative graphs that will help you to see symptoms and treatment options

    we use Neurosol by Metagenics (activated B vitamins/folic acid) along with other supplements to help strengthen the immune system.

    My family is monitored by a chiropractic doctor that has essentially saved our lives.

    there is more to a MTHFR mutation then not having babies... with the supplements your body and mind can get healthier and your family will come. I have 4 children all from healthy normal pregnancies.

  3. It sounds like we are marching on the same path towards the big game! yay! for having your IVF plan worked out. I am very excited for you.
    Sorry about the genetics, but hopefully you will get good information and you only need it for prevention.
    I am cheering for your countdown!!!


  4. It's awesome to hear your voice again. HECK YEAH for IVF. YIP! (Not crazy to hope you get knocked up naturally. I would do the same thing if I ovulated on my own!)

    I don't know anything about the mutation you've described, but is it wrong that I feel glad they found a little something you can tweak? IT gives me hope that it's the missing link and between the extra folic acid and a kick ass IVF cycle, nothing can stop you!!!

    PS Thank you for your really sensitive and optimistic comment on my blog today. All I can say is....it was essentially the *perfect* thing to hear when everything else I hear makes me absolutely crazy. You rock. Thank you.

  5. i'm positive for mthfr as well. i'm homo for the c677T mutation, which is the worst. being hetero is much better than homo for C (as opposed to homo for A, which is the MOST benign). they say that if you're homo for C677t, then take 2 folgard rx capsules a day, which is 4mg of folic acid and bunch of b6 and b12. hetero should be taking half of that, which is still TONS more than the 400-800 micrograms that a prenatal vitamin has (i still take my prenatals as well).

    i went to 4 MFM's and a hematologist to opinions on whether i needed to be on blood thinners as well and i got a resounding no. i asked if they would say the same thing if i had had a few miscarriages. and the answer was still no to the bloodthinners (lovenox).

    i am also on baby aspirin, not bc any of these docs SAID i need it, but bc on my own research i decided it helps for mthfr and my new RE said it can't hurt, so is keeping me on it :o)

  6. Glad to "hear" from you and wishing you all sorts of luck as you move on!!

  7. Welcome back! I think the good thing about blogging is it's here when you want/need it but also easy to take a break from. In terms of the MTHFR, I have 2 copies of the C mutation (like Sienna). That's considered the worse one but doctors seem fairly divided on how serious that (and other variations) are. I do go on blood thinners when pregnant (but because of the MTHFR in combination with recurrent miscarriage). 2 mg of folic acid sounds sensible to me.

    I don't think it's crazy to think that this natural cycle might work. Because I think it might. It's such a roll of the dice each and every time, and I will keep fingers crossed for you. (Happy anniversary!)

  8. I'm a big fan of marriage, too.

    I think one of the worst things about unexplained IF (and I'm sort of half in that category now) is the way it never rules natural conception out. I'm glad you're bringing out the big guns soon, though.