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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Breaking News About My Boobs

Today I am 12dpo. Starting at 9dpo my boobs started to A) feel firmer; and B) feel bigger. Yesterday, they started to feel a little bit sore.

On all of my clomid and injectable cycles I had sore boobs starting at ovulation. They would remain that way until a few days before my period was due, at which point they would go back to normal, and all my hope would be extinguished.

In every other non-medicated cycle, they have stayed "normal" throughout the 2ww, despite all my poking and prodding.

So, on Saturday, when I did my regular cop-a-feel test, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that, in fact, they felt different.

So, now I'm poking and prodding like a maniac all day long, thinking that as long as they stay like this, I have hope, but worried that the next time I grope myself they'll be back to normal and, again, my hope will die.

Ugh. My period is due on Friday. So. Far. Away.

And I hate that most likely this is some stupid fluke that actually means nothing and will get my hopes up and then CRUSH THEM.


  1. Hoping this is a good sign. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
    I'm constantly poking and prodding mine too to make sure they're not back to normal.

  2. Boobs are like weathervanes:) And I hope they're right on the money so that Friday turns out to be a very different sort of day.

  3. LOL -- OK, love the title of this one.

    Keep on poking them. I hope so much that this is an awesome sign!!!

  4. Boobs are definitely the tell-tale for me. This groping report sounds promising and I am also hopeful that Friday is better than expected. Fingers crossed for you, dear.

  5. I am sure your title made me click through.

    Boobs are like reading tea leaves.

    Here from Adele's house.

    I hope you throw up in the sink while brushing your teeth. Best wishes!