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Saturday, January 30, 2010

3dpIUI, My Proof That There Are Other Things Going On In My Life Besides TTC

When I started this blog I kind of thought I would stick to IF/TTC related stuff. Nobody wants to know about my life anyway, right?

But I loved A's post about her current obsessions, and also Egg's post that inspired it, and I started to think about what my current obsessions are.

At first I drew a complete blank. Because I'm obsessed with getting knocked up, and that's pretty much it.

And then a couple things popped into my head.

And then I realized, there are other things going on in my life!

And not only that, but I really should both acknowledge and embrace those things! Because the last thing I want is to be defined by IF.

So, without further ado, here are some of my current obsessions:

I just bought one of these juicers off etsy and I'm now totally obsessed with fresh squeezed OJ! And I love that I didn't have to buy something that plugs into the wall to get it - this is so 19th century!

Okay, I know this one is a little Olsen Twins, but I'm obsessed with slouchy cardigans! I'm a big believer in layering and slouchy sweaters are so comfy!

I'm totally addicted to decaf green tea. With honey and milk, I could drink this stuff all day! I'm trying to drink more water, and I think this totally counts (right?).

And finally... KenKen.

So, I'm a big bedtime reader. I love to get a chapter or two in before I fall asleep. And then one day, I don't remember what it was that possessed me to do it since I'd always scoffed at Sudoku (putting numbers in a grid - pshaw!), I bought a Sudoku book. It was one of those that has 4 sections: easy, medium, hard and really hard; and about 300 puzzles overall. I became obsessed. I gave up my nighttime reading and did Sudoku instead. And I couldn't do just one. At first, with the easier puzzles, I'd do 2 or 3 a night and they would take about 10 minutes each. Then, as they became more difficult they took longer to solve, and I was still doing 2 or 3 but they were each taking 30 minutes or more each and I was staying up an hour or more after DH went to sleep doing these puzzles. Well, I ended up getting through about three quarters of the book, and I had reached the really hard puzzles, where sometimes I would just stare at a puzzle for 10 or 15 minutes without making any progress at all. That's when I burnt out, and I put the Sudoku book away, and went back to reading.

Then, the New York Times started publishing KenKen. It's similar to Sudoku but involves basic arithmetic. I scoffed once again. Arithmetic! That sound like work! Until, about a month ago, I tried one. I'm hooked. I will not buy a book this time, though, lest, once again, puzzles take over my life! So I do them in the newspaper and that's it.


  1. I love this post! Isn't fresh squeezed OJ the best?? We splurged on the big fancy juicer a while back and I am obsessed. But I am impressed with your "green" version, plus it's very cute and takes up much less space!
    I am a big crossword puzzle geek, but never have had success with Ken Ken. Seems too hard :)

  2. LOOOOOVE that sweater, I'm obsessed with super cozy cardigans too! And you can not beat fresh squeezed anything, YUM! Oh, and I nominated you for a blog award!!!

  3. Of course there is more to you than IF, it was a fun window into your world!!! I am also a fan of very unflattering, yet cozy and cute, cardis. :) And I love crosswords, but haven't made the leap to Sudoko etc. :) Fun to read abt your distractions!!

  4. I loved reading this post :) And then I realized I was going to do one of these and never did yet!! Maybe soon :) Enjoy your other-than-ttc stuff!! :)

  5. Aww this was great! Fresh squeezed OJ is the best =)

  6. I love slouchy cardigans too!

  7. I just love Sudoku and now I am going to love this KenKen! Thanks for sharing. Have you tried Killer Sudoku? Thats great too.
    Enjoyed reading your blog. My name is pre-emptive. Putting it out there in the hope.