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Saturday, January 9, 2010

CD3, Ch-ch-ch-changes! Oh, and some goals, too.

Today is CD3. Yesterday I put on my first estrogen patch. Tomorrow I start gonal-f. We're underway for IUI#3!

Okay, um, so that exclamation mark probably makes me sound super excited, but instead you should read that sentence with an air of hopeful desperation.

Because I'm tired of cycling.

"After 2 IUIs?" you say. "Humph! You've barely begun!"

I know. It's just... I've been around a lot of mothers with young children lately. They all look to be around my age and they all have 3-5 year olds. I feel like I missed my window. Why didn't we start trying earlier? DH and I have been together since I was 27. At 27, the last thing on my mind was kids. But 30 would've been a good time to start. But I wanted to enjoy my youth, and I didn't want to grow up. Now I'm 34. I'll be 35 in 3 months. And, God bless him, DH just turned 50. We need a baby, stat!

Anyway, I'm getting serious this time. I'm making some changes, and setting some goals. Here they are.

Changes for this cycle:
1) No alcohol until I'm knocked up. Before I was just refraining during the 2ww, but then I read this: IVF Couples Warned Over Drinking (and another article here). Basically, it says that in couples where both the man and woman drink up to four drinks a week, chances of conception are reduced by 26 percent (!). Although we're not doing IVF, I can't help but think this could be an issue for anyone TTC. I've also shown this to DH, since it seems to also affect him, and he's agreed to cut back (although he had 2 beers last night: grrr!)
2) No more tampons. I have read various opinions that tampons are associated with endometriosis and infertility. I'm not going to post any specific links because I don't think this is in any way proven. But I figure it can't hurt.
3) Trying to maintain a BMI>18.5. I'm a little underweight and always have been. Since being thin is so valued in our culture, I've always actively kept my weight lower than is "average." No more! Dessert and second helpings, here I come!
4) Still working on cutting back on the caffeine. This is going to be the hardest. I love my coffee.
5) Drinking more water. People are always telling me that I don't drink enough water. I never really gave it much thought because I don't do anything differently than I ever have: I drink a glass of water with every meal and that's it. But... I am giving up my stubborn refusal to change, because, well, you never know what might help, and it couldn't hurt. I will now drink water... gasp!... between meals.
6) Exercise. Don't get enough of it. Must. Get. Away. From. Computer.

And here are my goals for this cycle:
1) 3 follicles would be perfect. Please no more than 4 (way too many last cycle).
2) A lining >8mm (I've never had a lining that measured greater than 6.5).
3) No trigger until follies are at least 18mm, but better if they're 20mm (last cycle I was instructed to trigger 36 hours after my largest follicle measured 15.9mm, and I think it was too early).

Also, some big congratulations to Nixy at Infertility UGH and Stefanie at Baby Blakely on their BFPs! I can't wait to hear about the new road you find yourselves on! Congrats, ladies!


  1. This makes me seriously want to nix my nightly glass of vino pre-ovulation habit. :)

    I am VERY interested to hear how the estrogen patch helps your lining. My RE is of the school that thin lining does not make-or-break implantation, but I can't help but think my pathetic 3.2mm lining last cycle was a bit of an, ahem, problem. Anyway, next cycle I'm doing estrogen vaginally....basically b/c I begged for it. Kinda sounds like what you went thru, too!

    Good luck!!

  2. thanks for the shout out!

    And I also did all the things on your list :) There is no limit to what the infertile will do to try to get pregnant, right?

    I know what you mean about the freaking out after the 2 IUI's. I forget where I read the post (I swear I'm usually not this ditzy), but recently someone wrote a beautiful post about how at each point in this journey is our own personal "lowest point", so your feelings are totally normal.

    Good luck this cycle!

  3. Goals are always a good thing. They really help me focus and distract me from the typical meltdown.

    BTW, I've found that keeping a glass of water in front of me at my desk helps me to get my quota in.

    Best of luck with your list!

  4. Sounds like you have an excellent plan! Good luck with this cycle :)

  5. Great plan for success! Good luck on tackling your goals.

    I have my fingers crossed for 3 beautiful follies for you and of course a BFP! Best of luck!

  6. So sorry for CD3, but I'll join you in hope that IUI#3 is THE ONE!! Those are excellent plans and goals!! I nixed tampons around May, and while it took a little getting used to, I have grown pretty accustomed to pads. Fingers crossed and prayers raised for you!

  7. Hope the "3rd time is a charm" luck hits you =)
    My fingers are crossed for you!

  8. Best of luck this cycle and great goals!! And I totally hear ya, I'm TIRED of cycling and I'm just rounding out IUI #2 as well. Fingers crossed #3 is your LAST cycle!!!