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Friday, January 22, 2010

CD16, All About My Follies

Well. I cried in public today.

It feels like some sort of rite of passage.

What happened was that DH forgot that I was going to the RE this morning. Was not even on his radar. "Yes, DH, once again, I am going to get stuck with a needle, violated by a dildo cam, and probably told that my follies are still the same size they've been all week. But glad you're not letting it occupy you much."

Then, we met for lunch, and he forgot again that I had gone to the RE, and didn't even ask me about it!

So I proceeded to:
  1. Accuse him of living in his own little world
  2. Accuse him of not supporting me
  3. Accuse him of not caring whether or not we ever have children
And then I cried.

Anyway, we made up eventually. Or at least I calmed down enough that he considers that we made up. Whatever.

Okay, on to follie news.


What is it with my follicles this cycle? My biggest is 15.43 today. Wednesday it was 14.29, Monday 13.73, Friday 11.63. It's growing 1mm every 48 hrs. WTF? And after that one follie, there's not much else. Everything else has decided that 11m is some sort of follie paradise that they don't want to leave behind. If this cycle gives me just one follie, which by the way I can produce perfectly well on my own without 14 days of injectable fertility drugs, I might have to strangle my RE (Kidding! I'm just kidding. Mostly, that is. Okay, I'm not kidding at all. He'd better watch out.).

Last cycle, at double this dosage, I had 5 follicles between 15 and 16mm at CD9... It boggles the mind.

But, they've finally upped my gonal-f to 112.5iu/day now, and my lining has decided 9mm is just fine, thank you very much, and that's fine with me and my RE, too, so I'm stopping the estrogen patch tomorrow.

My estrogen went up to 277 (from 169) on Wednesday. But today it only went up a little more, to 295. Can't figure that one out, either.

And I go back Monday. For my 6th u/s this cycle.



  1. Oh dear, what a bad day. Sometimes I get angry at my husband for seeming not to FEEL as much about this whole IF business as I do. I think it's harder for them because in a physical sense it affects them much less directly. Not that it is a valid excuse!
    I hope the increased gonal-f does the trick!
    And no kidding, the verification word for me to post this comment was CRIED. Spooky.

  2. Well, darnit, I'm so sorry your follies are not matured up for triggering. On the upside, your lining is kicking some as$!

    Last cycle, yy RE had me trigger once mine were 17, so you are cloooooose. I've heard many REs look for 16 as a cut-off. And, while I know it would be wonderful to have a few follies at play, it only takes one. So I hope your 15.43er is taking off as you sleep, laugh and live your life--and is mature at the next u/s! :) Maybe that 14er will catch up, too!

    Sending positive follie vibes your way.

  3. This TTC stuff is so hard. 6th u/s? oh my! I hope the smaller ones catch up a little! We are all thinking about you!

  4. Yikes, so sorry about Dh's forgetfulness. I'm so glad you made up! Also sorry to hear the follies aren't growing super fast, but if there's one thing I've learned is that nothing is ever standard on this journey!! I think my follies tend to grow a tad slower than normal, too. I will be praying there's a growth spurt to be seen on Monday!! (Your lining looks great, though!)

  5. Sorry about the fight with the hubs. Not fun. I would have been upset, too. I know IF is hard on men, too, but it definitely affects us in a very deep way.
    GROW FOLLIES GROW! You're close!!

  6. Come on follies, time to get serious and GROW!! Hoping that increased dosage gets a couple of those guys where they need to be. You are SO close, praying tomorrow you're good to go!!!

  7. Oops, that was my post above..was signed into the wrong account!

  8. It's so hard when the husband just doesn't seem to get it. Glad that you are honest and upfront with him.

    I just found your blog and will be reading along. I hope those follies get in line and do what mommy wants!