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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CD8, What to Do?

Currently, I'm leaning toward converting to IVF. Or cancelling. But not IUI. I don't like the multiples risk. DH doesn't seem to think reduction would be a big deal if we found ourselves facing that, but I kind of think it would be a big deal. It's one of those things that you can think about theoretically and be okay with, but I suspect that if we were actually looking at multiple implanted embryos on a monitor, I would be a complete wreck about having to decide to reduce.

I didn't get the ganirelix last night. A pharmacy was supposed to call me and never did. But I did do the higher dose (150 instead of 75) of gonal-f. The higher dose may end up taking IUI off the table as an option because of my concerns about multiples, but will leave open the IVF option, and, of course, the cancelling option.

I'm working on finding out what happened with the ganirelix prescription now, and will probably pick it up today. Then do another 150 gonal-f tonight, then back to the RE tomorrow.

I called my RE to get pricing for IVF and here's what I found out:

  • $8000 + $500 for anesthesia
  • $700 if I want to freeze embryos
  • Any future FET cycles $3500/each
Also, I would be paying less for this IVF because I started it as an IUI, since I'm covered for all bloodwork and ultrasounds while I'm still in IUI mode. If I do another IVF in the future that starts as an IVF cycle, the cost would be $11,000.

Although we're leaning toward IVF right now, we'll of course wait to see how everything looks tomorrow before making a decision. I think we're also leaning toward only transferring one embryo if we go the IVF route. But there are a few things I'd like to know before we make a decision:

  • How many mature follicles are there likely going to be? If we started this as an IVF cycle, would there have been more than that? Is it a reasonable number to go forward with IVF? (I'm afraid we're going to end up falling in some sort of gray area: too many follicles for IUI but too few for IVF)
  • If we do IVF and fail, can we go back to IUI, or are we better off going on with IVF?
  • What are the chances of twins if we transfer 2 embryos?
  • What are the chances of twins/multiples if we do IUI?
I feel like this is all happening so quickly. I really don't even know how IVF works. I mean, I do, but if we knew we were doing IVF going into this, I would have read up on it a lot more.

Are there any other questions that I should ask tomorrow? (If anyone wants to give me advice, I would welcome some!)


  1. I don't have any advice to offer but want to wish you good luck with your decision.

    Thanks, too, for your comment on my blog. I have responses to some of the points you raised in your comment but don't want to leave them here. Email me if you're interested. ;-)

  2. I thought for sure I commented here?! You have been in my prayers as you make this decision!!