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Saturday, December 19, 2009

14dpIUI, Beta Results Are... Not In

Guess what time the RE finally called me yesterday with my beta results?


That's right... 7pm rolled around and I thought, "well, it's getting a little late now, but last time I didn't get a call until 7:15..." Then 8pm rolled around and I began to realize: I'm not going to get a call. And at 8pm, who do I call? The office is long closed by then. Since I took the HPT I wasn't all that anxious to get my beta call, but I could imagine what kind of state I would've been in if I hadn't done the HPT. It pissed me off a little to not get a call, but if I hadn't already done the HPT, I would've been livid.

Oh, and when I went in yesterday for the blood draw I spoke to my RE and told him I'd taken an HPT and that it was negative and guess what he said? "Well, urine pregnancy tests can only detect down to 50 hcg, and you might still be early in the pregnancy and have less than that, so we'll see what the blood test shows." What century is this guy from? It's my understanding that HPTs detect down to 25 hcg, sometimes 20 (for "early result" tests, which are the only kind I ever see at a pharmacy).

We're starting to wonder if this is the right RE for us.


  1. Oooh, I would be so mad. That's unacceptable - especially for a beta. I'm sorry they didn't call when they were supposed to...hopefully you will hear today.

  2. UGh, seriously?? I would be livid!! That is totally unacceptable! I hope you hear soon!

  3. That is beyond infuriating! And for a beta, on a Friday...SO not okay!!

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