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Thursday, December 17, 2009

12dpIUI, Getting Ready for Beta Day

No new symptoms, except that today my temperature stopped falling. If it had gone down again today I probably would have given up on this cycle. Unfortunately it didn't go back up, but whatever, I'll know one way or another tomorrow so I'm going to try not to over-analyze my chart too much.

So, yeah, tomorrow is beta day. Woo-hoo! I know, I only just recently confessed my love for the 2ww, but that was way back at 8dpIUI. Like, forever ago. I'd forgotten that the last few days of the 2ww are psychological torture. The past 24 hours have been like an endless loop of "Maybe I'm pregnant. Maybe I'm pregnant with multiples! Yeah, right. I'm probably not pregnant. I probably will never be pregnant. But maybe I am pregnant. Maybe I'm..." Wow. Turn it off.

So, I'll be POAS tomorrow morning. As I've posted before, last IUI they didn't call me until 7:15pm with the beta results. What, did the RE have to go out to dinner first or something? I can't wait that long again. And I have thoroughly considered my emotional reactions to each possible outcome of POAS, so I think I'm ready:
  • Test is clearly positive. No need to even discuss this one. Celebration ensues. Can't wait to get the exact number from the beta.
  • Test is clearly negative. Hopes dashed, waiting over, small glimmer of hope that HPT was defective, but negative beta should be less soul crushing.
  • Test has very faint line. Hmmm. This one is the wild card. At 13dpIUI, I would hope that if did I get a line, that it would be fairly dark. A faint line would be the worst option here. But I don't think it would be any worse than not POAS.
I will post results tomorrow morning.


  1. Keeping fingers and toes (and all other limbs available) crossed for a BIG FAT POSITIVE tomorrow!!

  2. Hah, you literally stole the words of that endless loop right out of my own head! Sending good vibes your way, and SO hoping it's option #1 for you tomorrow!!!

  3. Those last few days are TERRIBLE!! It's such a mind f*ck and I love your explanation of the endless loop...so true. I hope it's great news tomorrow!

  4. I sure hope you get a bright set of lines tomorrow :) Can't wait for the update :)

  5. good luck and fingers crossed. :)

  6. Crossing my fingers really really hard for you! And I definitley will be praying for option 1 :)