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Sunday, December 13, 2009

8dpIUI, I Love You 2ww

I'm not ready for the 2ww to be over. I still have 4 days (5 if you count beta-day, but I'll probably POAS that morning), but I want more time! Is that weird? I know everyone wants the 2ww to be over with already, but I kind of like it. Ok, I kind of love it. Because when it ends, I'm going to be a lot less pregnant than I am now (which is not very much, I admit). And because sometimes during the 2ww I just have a warm happy feeling of "I could be pregnant. Right. Now..." and then I get all starry eyed and swoony...

Anyway... so, I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my beta buddies. Um, it's not like we've formed an official club or anything... well, at least I haven't asked them yet! But these 3 bloggers have the same beta day as me: Friday, December 18th, and I, for one, am pleased as punch that I am going to have some company that day. And I have to think that at least one of us will get a BFP. 1 out of 4 is pretty likely, right? Of course, I'm hoping 2 or 3 or even all 4 of us will get good news! And I do know that if I get a BFN and at least one (or more!) of these ladies gets a BFP it will make my BFN a lot easier.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I sure hope and pray at least one of us gets great news!!

  2. I hope all four of you get great news!