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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Of Mice and Men (and Infertiles)

I have no idea what my estrogen level is. I don't know exactly how many follicles I have or how big they are. I am not temping, I'm not using OPKs to make sure I don't ovulate early, and I only know how thick my lining is because the doctor volunteered this information.

Ah, sweet ignorant bliss.

That $12,000 is spent whether I get a BFP or BFN. So, whatevs.

I triggered 10 minutes ago. Retrieval Monday. I am like an isolated lake on a clear summer's night: calm.

But tired! Took a 4 hour nap this afternoon. Those kids! It was like watching a tornado for 3 days. Not stressful (for me, hubs was a different story: I was almost afraid that by the end of it he'd say, "Stop the injections! Let's rethink this whole kids idea!"), but fascinating. What do you do when 3 kids all refuse to go to bed, and you're completely exhausted? (Speaking from my "fertile friend's" POV, of course: me and hubs just said "goodnight" and closed our bedroom door.) What about when you're on an elevator full of people and your 4 year old and 20 month old won't stop pressing the alarm button? (MFF looked at me and loudly exclaimed "Jane, your kids are sooooo bad!") Or, when, on a city street, your 4 year old disappears around the corner and when you go looking for him he's nowhere to be seen? (She screamed at the top of her lungs until he finally reappeared. Yes, people stared.)

But the husband, amazingly, did not ask me to call off the IVF. He said we would raise better behaved children. Best laid plans, indeed.


  1. HAHA!! Those kids are a handful!

    Good luck with retrieval. I think the ignorance is bliss is a good way to go..although I could never do it. ;)

  2. Wow - yes, I think your kids will be much better behaved :)

    I love your attitude about this cycle. I think ignorance IS bliss! Too much knowledge leads to obsession and way too much Google! Good luck with the retrieval!

  3. Good luck Jane! Taking time off temping when going through IVF is a very good idea. You have enough on your plate.

  4. LOL, there's a Swedish saying that translates to something like this: Other people's brats, your own little angels. Good luck on retrieval day!!

  5. Hahaha, It is so exhausting to watch other peoples kids, but I am sure yours will be much much better behaved :) Something tells me that woman/men who have to work SO HARD to become parents, will be better parents in the long run (I have to give myself some reason for why this is happening, right). I really wish you the best of luck over the next little while, exciting times!

  6. Ignorance is bliss and calmness is awesome. Wishing you so much luck on retrieval day!!

    And, seriously, other people's kids can knock you out!!! And, make you wonder what the heck we're thinking with all of this!

  7. Your kids will be little angels:) And if they're not...well, my mother insists it's different when they're yours. Good luck on Monday. I am thinking good thoughts for you!

  8. How exciting that Monday is retrieval day! Best of luck to you. I'm very impressed that you're staying calm, I know I'm going to be a total mess!

  9. Of course!

    After going through all of this bullshit, I think we deserve precious, completely well-behaved children. I mean... they OWE us.