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Thursday, August 19, 2010

All Aboard!

Today I officially boarded the IVF train. Woo-woo!

Rolled out of bed at 6:30 am (pretty early for me), caught the subway and on the (lightly) crowded elevator up to the clinic was surprised when only one button was pushed.

Ah, yes. We were all going to the same place.

Then there was a long line (of 30-something professional women) to sign in.

Ah, yes. Fertility clinics.

Bloodwork, ultrasound, and I was pronounced "good to go." I start 150 units of gonal-f and 2 vials of menopur tonight, lupron down to 5 units (goodbye headaches? fingers crossed). I go back on Sunday, cycle day 6.

In other news, I had my second acupuncture session today. Although I like my acupuncturist, she did tell me at my first appointment that she was experiencing "mommy brain." UGH! She then quickly told me that she didn't have her first child until she was 38 and then her second when she was 40. I resisted asking her how long it took her to get KUed, cuz I bet it was on the first try each time. UGH! Anyway, like I said, I DO like her. She is calm and centered. She also says I need more "fire" and less "dampness." Is that why I love the desert so much? Hmmmmm....

And! I have purchased the Circle + Bloom IVF program. I've only listened to 2 of the sessions so far. I'll get back to you on my review soon.

Finally, I am feeling very calm. Almost too calm? I'll take it, though.


  1. GOOD LUCK! Fingers crossed this is just what you need :)

  2. How exciting!! Enjoy the calmness while you can...I hope it stays with you through your cycle.

  3. good luck!! IVF isnt bad. The waiting part is bad though....waiting to see how many embryos you get, 2 week waiting, first ultrasound waiting. The drugs and procedures are a piece of cake compared to the waiting!! :)

  4. wishing you the very best of luck with this new IVF cycle!!! We are with you all the way.

  5. Good Luck!!! My headaches went away when I got on the stims. I was also able to sleep again. I am hoping and praying that this is YOUR cycle and that baby is coming soon.

  6. This IS your train and I expect an on time arrival. I'm excited for your kickoff, here. I've got my fingers crossed for you and sending you good thoughts.

  7. Toot toot! Tickets please. Next stop, follicle count. Hope you leave the headache behind you, and the journey is - well, I was going to say "bump-free", but I hope you do get one big bump out of all of this.

  8. Oh, the excitement! Wishing you a perfect cycle :)

  9. Calm is GOOD. And I'm so glad that the ball is rolling for you. I've also been trying Circle + Bloom, and like it for the most part. It's very relaxing. Now, if I could just stay awake to the end of it...

    Thinking good thoughts for your injecting (not to mention CD 6).

  10. The train is a little bumpy, sometimes, but it is moving in a forward direction, and that is awesome!

    Congrats on getting started and I hope that injections are not too painful!

  11. I'm excited for you! I will be thinking calming and positive thoughts for you in the weeks ahead! Good luck!

  12. OMG!!! your train is here, how exciting!!!
    I am soooo cheering for you, Girl:)
    Let's do this!!!