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Thursday, September 9, 2010

So I Tested This Morning And...

Today is 7dp3dt or 10 dpo. I decided it was time to start testing, but felt pretty sure that I would get a negative today as it was still early. After 2 minutes, the test looked pretty negative, but then I thought I saw something, so I took it out of the bathroom and held it under my desk light. What I saw was this: If there had been a second line, I could see where that second line would be. It was like a hint of a shadow. My husband confirmed that he saw something, too. After 20 minutes, I could actually see a VERY thin sliver of a second line, but obviously you're not supposed to read it after 20 minutes. It is also still early enough that perhaps there is still hcg left over from the trigger, I suppose (I did not test out my trigger).

So, I'm hoping, of course, that tomorrow's test will be darker.

But I'm very afraid tomorrow's test will be either starkly negative, or, perhaps worse (for its inconclusiveness) exactly the same as today.

Can't stop thinking about it.







  1. I hope it was a second line! Good luck tomorrow.

  2. This bodes very well my friend. I am praying so hard for a darker line tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang. In. There. Your embabies are fighters! xo

  3. Ohhhh it is very early- the average first positive test is 13 dpo/dpt so I am willing to be there's darker line there tomorrow. I am so anxious to check back on your results......I dont know how you can even concentrate right now! xoxoxoxo

  4. i agree with egg, this bodes VERY well. tomorrow will be telling for sure. aiee, i dunno why we torture ourselves so with the hpt's! hang in there :o)

  5. ugh so hard. Hoping for a dark second line!!!!

  6. I will be praying for a darker + tomorrow :)

  7. Oh.

    I can't wait to see your next update:)

  8. Hoping for increasingly darker lines every day starting tomorrow!! Is it ok to be a little excited? Hugs!

  9. Hoping so much that it is an increasingly dark second line!!

  10. Good luck!!! What type of test was it??

  11. It was a Harmon Face Values Early Result. I know, super generic.

  12. Darned HPT hell. My message to the universe: Let. It. Be. Darker. Tomorrow.

    I think 7dp3dt is still too early. Very, very few would show anything by that point. And for what it's worth, I had a definite positive that started out just as you describe.

    Fingers CROSSED!!

  13. Oh, I HOPE it's not the trigger...I've done that to myself before.

    Wishing for a darker line for you tomorrow!